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We need expertise for a short period within several ICT areas. Can DLE be of assististance here?

Yes, absolutely. We have an updated database of available resources for short and long-term projects. Our consultants will help you find alternative candidates. Send us an email at:

We have trouble finding the necessary expertise and experience in Norway to initiate and sustain projects. Can DLE assist with finding alternative profiles?

Yes. DLE is linked to an international network and have good references for resources collected from the international market, especially with acquisition, operation and management, as well as security-related areas.

We are hiring new resources and would like to receive profiles on potential candidates?

DLE assists several companies within "Search & Selection". Contact us for further information.

We want to establish ourselves in new industries and would like assistance in getting an overview of the market, as well as establishing a sales and marketing strategy. Can DLE help us?

DLE has good references and a team with extensive experience from the Nordic market approach within a variety of industries. Contact us for a non-binding business talk.

We want an assessment of the technical level of our data center. Can DLE assist us?

Absolutely. DLE, along with its associates, conducts audits and GAP analysis and certifications against different standards.

We are considering outsourcing our data center services. Can DLE assist with establishing requirement specifications, as well as assist in the procurement process?

Yes. DLE has several years of experience in assisting major Nordic players in such processes.

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